Garrard 301 Dual Tonearm Plinth 'Industrial Finish'

This page is slightly out of date, so please contact us directly for accurate details.

A modern looking and top performing, yet cost effective platform for the Garrard 301. An ultra compact footprint with clean, elegant lines.

'A Wolf in Sheeps's Clothing'.

Inside the Baltic Birch ply construction, is a very effective composite damping structure, adding mass and taming resonance within the plinth.

A thick, shop cut custom veneer is bonded to the top of the plinth. The finish is our signature oil finish, gorgeous and enduring. The wood is highly polished before skillfully applying a hand-rubbed oil finish. We love this look. This plinth has been one of our lesser known options over the years. Prior to launching this plinth, we did a small survey of owners of these plinths, and the results were overwhelmingly enthusiastic, and so this is an official offering now. This amazing finish is difficult to capture in photographs, 'in the flesh' it is unmistakable. This finish speaks of simplicity, while maintaining a high degree of refinement.

Armboards are made from solid wood, matching the veneer top when possible. The articulating armboards allow tonearms between 9" - 12" to be mounted. The articulating design has the benefits of easy adjustment of mounting distance, easy changing of tonearms, clean cable management, and in many cases, one armboard can be drilled to mount more than one different tonearm on the same board, just by adding  additional mounting hole patterns to the board.

The plinth comes standard with threaded inserts for 3 or 4 footers. Please specify your preferred insert thread size and pitch at the time of ordering. Our default is M8 x 1.25. Our preferred footer for the Garrard idler drives in most listening room situations is the Track Audio isolation device.

The 301 motor unit is fixed to the plinth with the included 4 slot head polished mounting screws, threaded into inserts within the plinth. The motor unit is recessed into the plinth top.

For the top veneer, we usually use figured Maple, like the above photo in Curly Maple. We prefer lighter colored woods that blend in with the side view of the plywood laminations.

Included with the plinth, is a Furutech IEC AC inlet, and a highly flexible, silicone jacketed wiring harness. We believe this to be important, as the motor needs to be free hanging, and not influenced by the power cable attached to it. Also, the motor is one of the sources of vibration in these decks, a thick wire leading from it can deliver motor vibration into the plinth, not ideal.

Lead time for these plinths is relatively quick, and soon these will be available in our webstore, ready to ship.
Contact us for a complete turntable package.

Cost for this plinth is $2000 with 4 Gaia II footers.  Contact us for options on footers, and to discuss which footer might be best for your listening room and situation. We have a range of footers, including Track Audio isolation devices, and Stillpoints OEM, Ultra SS, and Ultra 5 footers.