Track Audio Isolation Devices

Turntable Footer Isolation Device
Spike and Cup Isolation Device

Isolation Feet

Track Audio isolation feet feature a unique design based around an ingenious viscous damping system. Undesirable vibrations that would normally diminish the performance of you hi-fi are absorbed and converted into heat, leaving you free to hear from your loudspeakers only what the speaker designer intended.

The result: an instant upgrade to your loudspeakers. Fat and muddy bass becomes clean and tuneful. Harsh midrange is now clear and sweet. Stereo soundstaging snaps into holographic focus, and adjacent rooms are less affected by sound leaking through the building.

“Having used Track Audio feet with a variety of speakers in a variety of locations, they’ve never once disappointed.
They’ve always represented an upgrade over the original items supplied – in some cases significantly so.”

“I was ready for the ease of use, slick handling of levelling the speakers and setting their rake angles.
What I wasn’t expecting was the magnitude of sonic improvement they wrought.”
Track Audio Spikes and Spike Shoes

Spikes And Spike Shoes

Track Audio spikes are incorporated as part of our isolation feet and precision stands, and are also available separately for use with conventional loudspeakers ad equipment racks.

Give your loudspeakers the firm footing they deserve with our precision-machined spikes, exquisitely designed in high quality stainless steel to eliminate micro-vibrations. Available in a range of popular sizes, the spikes fit very tightly into the threads, and threaded adjuster and locking allow you to make highly accurate adjustments. The spike profile is designed to easily penetrate carpets without causing damage and makes a perfect mechanical ground with the floor.

Our stainless steel spike shoes, which come in two sizes ( and are supplied as standard with our isolation feet or available separately), feature delrin inserts to eliminate resonance and finest English felt base to protect wooden floors. Solid stainless steel versions are also available.

“The beautiful jewellery-like quality of these spikes is what will appeal to many.  They’re little pieces of perfection. Quite possibly the best quality I have ever seen.”