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linn sondek lp12

The Linn Sondek LP12 is a very special turntable to me, probably my very favorite of all.

Woodsong Audio LP12 plinths are identical in dimension to the current Linn supplied LP12 plinths, made from solid, kiln-dried and properly seasoned wood, with tolerances in construction measured down to thousandths of an inch. All holes are pre-drilled, exactly as the latest Linn LP12 plinths. Throughout the creation of these LP12 plinths, redundancy in measurement is the rule, checking and re-checking flatness, square-ness, and accuracy, at every step along the way to ensure a beautiful, technically excellent result. They are offered in a flat faced’ style, that allows the wood grain to really shine, or also in the classic, more traditional ‘fluted’ style.

Woodsong plinths are made from a wide range of species of wood from around the World. I am constantly searching out special woods for the creation of these plinths. The utmost care is taken in selecting woods for stability, aesthetics, and sonic quality. The same care and patience is given to milling, ‘racking’ (storage), and in ensuring proper seasoning prior to turning these gems into LP12 plinths. Many of the same techniques used by luthiers in the creation of fine musical instruments are utilized in my process.

Many people have experienced significant sonic improvements with the upgrade to a Woodsong LP12 plinth, and aesthetically, a new plinth will take your deck to the next level.


The Reference Series of Woodsong plinths is my standard line of finishes, including most species of wood. Finish and construction details are done to the highest degree of quality.
Reference series plinths are priced at $1000.

Some of the woods included in the Reference Series are:

    European Beech
    White Oak
    Black Walnut
Please refer to our GALLERY page for product pictures. A line of plinths in a standard lacquer finish is also available, providing a lower cost alternative, while still bringing the beauty of a Woodsong LP12 plinth.


The Artist Series plinths represent the highest level of the art of the LP12 plinth. These are made from very special boards which are more difficult to find, expensive, and often require special techniques in the process of creating an LP12 plinth. These woods commonly take more time to create your plinth from. Artist Series Plinths are priced in two tiers, $1000USD and $1400USD.

Some Artist Series woods are:

    Claro Walnut
    Ancient Kauri
    Bolivian Rosewood
    Hawaiian Koa
    Curly Maple
    Toasted Maple
    Santos Rosewood
    Indian Rosewood

Find out more about wood used in the Artist Series in ABOUT WOOD page.


Having now been making LP12 plinths for over 9 years, and over 1200 LP12 plinths built to date, I have come to realize that there are plinths that can be created that are ‘one-offs’ , fantastic creations that cannot easily come by. This can be due to wood species, or the exact details of the plinth. Examples of ‘The Private Reserve’, are polished, fluted Ebony, Master Grade Curly Koa with Blue Paua shell inlay, Snakewood and Ebony, or Pink Ivory, a really beautiful, pink African timber, or maybe a grain pattern that is absolutely ‘unobtanium’. These plinths are very limited in availability. The Private Reserve Plinths are individually priced according to their nature.

An ever increasing network of authorized Linn dealers have welcomed, and recommended Woodsong LP12 plinths. Please check the How to Order to find the dealer nearest you, or email me for more information.

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